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Mushroom Farm Operation For Sale


Having grown this business for the last 7 years it has (finally!) reached a point where it runs smoothly. A lot of the work has been automated, and now requires minimal input. I have developed a growing system that is efficient, economical, reliable and environmentally friendly.

I have experimented with different varieties, ranges, packaging, routes to market, production methods and a seemingly endless list of alternatives.  Lots of  research – expensive in both time and money, has been done. Machinery has been acquired, developed and modified and now it all works.

Building the business and overcoming the many hurdles along the way has been really enjoyable, but now it’s running I have lost that challenge, so I am selling the farm operation as a package of machinery, stock, know-how and consultancy.  For maximum growth  or as an add on to an existing farm business it would be ideally located on the mainland – but as a great lifestyle business the Island would be perfect.

Contact me directly if you are interested (no brokers, agents, solicitors, friends of friends, advertising sellers etc please).

Mushroom Compost

Our amazing mushroom compost is £10 for as much as you can take in your car or trailer. It is not always available, and there is usually a waiting list !  Contact Us to be added.

Gourmet Mushrooms

The Mushroom Farmer on the Isle of Wight produces a variety of delicious exotic Oyster mushrooms. For more information on our fresh local mushrooms please see the About Us  page.

Our Fantastic Mushrooms