About Our Mushrooms

The Gourmet mushrooms you are looking at have been grown by us on the Isle of Wight.


Grey Oyster POS

Grey Oyster

A mild but thick, succulent and meaty mushroom, takes other flavours well. Cut off any thick base as it can be a bit chewy.

Great to add body and flavour to curries.  A friend that has a mushroom farm in the Himalayas sent me these two recipes- himalayan curry recipies


Yellow OysterYellow Oyster

These are delicious with a slightly tart flavour if cooked lightly and a nutty flavour if well cooked. A much more delicate texture than the Grey Oysters. Trim them off the root.




Pink OystersPink Oysters

Use these first! They will have been picked less than 24hrs before being packed, but even so their shelf life is short.  They have a meaty taste with a hint of crab/seafood, get them nice and crispy and the edges brown. They turn a russet colour in the pan.

These need lots of heat to grow so they may be more expensive in the cooler months


White elm smallWhite Elm

As succulent as the Grey Oyster but with a slightly crisper texture and buttery flavour.




Production Update 2017:

We are now producing year round Grey, Yellow, Elm, Phoenix and Pink Oysters for our expanding wholesale market.