Grow Your Own Kit FAQ’s

  • We no longer make kits but have kept this page for any existing growers

Any Questions on the Grow Your Own Exotic Mushroom kits are here (if not please ask!)

Should I cut the mushrooms one at a time?

No. When the larger mushroom of the bouquet still has its edges curved in but is just starting to flatten out then grab the entire bouquet and twist and pull the mushrooms from the substrate.

The mushrooms are growing fine but there is a fine powder underneath them. What is it?

This is mushroom spore, it usually means that your mushrooms are a little past ready to pick – though if the temperatures are quite warm that may only be a matter of hours.
So pick and enjoy your mushrooms as soon as possible and a damp cloth will take care of the spores.

It looks like mushrooms are already growing a little in the bag

The mushrooms are being held back by a lack of fresh air and light. The small square of white material is a very fine filter that allows just enough air in to keep the mushroom substrate ( ie the stuff in the bag) alive. However even that tiny amount of air can sometimes be enough for the the mushroom to grow.
There is no need to worry it will not affect the performance of your kit, just cut the bag as per the instructions and release the mushrooms!

The mushrooms have actually broken out of the bag!

‘Eeek! Our apologies, that should not happen – but if the bag gets a small hole in it, the filter gets wet or the neck seal fails it is possible. It is also more likely if the bag is past the best before date.
If it is just a little then ignore it and cut as per the instructions, the kit will work fine (though the breakout will probably continue to grow so keep misting or pick and eat!)
If it is a major breakout, or you are not happy in any way then please contact us and we will sort it out for you.

The mushrooms have a funnel shape to them?

This is one of two things, either
1) they needed picking a while ago – when the edges are still curved in – pick ASAP
2) It is very warm (21C+). Watch for the edges to start to flatten out and then pick. Note that they grow very quickly when it’s warm.

How long can I keep the box before opening ?

Best to open as soon as possible but usually a week or two will not hurt. Store in a cool stable temperature. Higher than 35C (eg in a hot car!) will usually kill the kits. Pinks and yellows are more heat tolerant but even they will not survive the hot car treatment.

I have only had one flush (growth) run not two

Two possible causes either:
1) You had  huge first flush (growth) and the bag is exhausted Рif you had over 1/4kg on the first flush it is possible it may not flush again.  РYou get the same amount of mushrooms just all in one go instead of 2 or three.

2) It is too hot or too cold. For Grey Oysters less than 15C or more than 21C and they will be reluctant to grow. They may well resume once the temperature comes back into range. For pinks and yellows cooler than 18 C and warmer than about 28C can cause problems.

Is there coffee in your mushroom kit

No. Only in the mushroom farmer! If your coffee is nearby then it makes ecological sense – but not if you have to drive 30 miles to collect enough!

Should I cut the top off the bag

If you like to be different yes. The mushrooms will grow out of the top instead of out of the side, or both if you have turned the bag into Swiss cheese..

Can I plant the finished bag outside and grow more mushrooms

Yes for the Grey Oyster kits,  instructions on how to do this will be posted shortly. You may also have luck with the yellow and pink oysters in the summer but it is less likely. See our outdoor mushroom kits